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Thread: Forum Rules

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    SKG Forum Rules

    1. Keep it friendly- we're a gaming group, a community if you will- and if everyone's attacking each other and fighting, it becomes a stressful and toxic place for many. We do not want this behavior being a characteristic of SKG. Flaming, personal attacks and serious trolling will not be tolerated.
    2. No pornography or illegal content posted here please- we are on Vbullitens domain, and this is a public forum so we could potentially land in hot water over you're cute little hentai post you just had to share- or because you're like, selling weed on our forum. Keep that stuff private.
    3. No racism / sexism / triggerdism' - I mean simply put, don't be a generalizing ignorant fool. God forbid don't be one of those "o im sorry r u triggered, do u need a safe space" kind of people either. That shit is gross. We won't stand for people attacking others over their race, sex or how they choose to live their life. We're all different, and none of us are any better than the other.
    4. Avatars and Signatures must be 'appropriate' and not obnoxious- IE no flashing seizure gifs and the such.
    5. No advertising other servers and games without proper permission.
    6. No attacking other groups or communities on our forum.

    -By signing on to the forum, the user(s) agree Sacmos Kill Group,, and its representatives will not be held liable for the results of the usage of any information provided to the forum, and all content therein.
    -All opinions and views expressed in the Forum are solely those of their respective authors, and are not necessarily those of SKG, or its representatives.
    -SKG reserves the right to change these rules at any time.
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